Competitive Edge

Today's competitive market space demands that your software and product management teams are high-performing. Their performance is directly attributable to your company's bottom line and yes, ultimately to your own success.

Are you struggling to meet deadlines? Is your software quality suspect? Are you swamped with changing priorities? Do your requirements change often? Is there an element of "focus" missing? Are your team members stressed? Is employee morale on the downswing? Does it seem to take forever to develop product? Are your competitors winning?

Do something about it.
Allow the team to transform to greatness.

Client Engagement

Three Beacons provides short-term (1 - 4 weeks) and long-term (4 weeks +) consultancy services. Our objective is to make you and your company best-in-class when it comes to developing software products. We will help transform your team from its current state to excellence.

Your situation is unique. Let us customize the myriad of modern software practices to fit your culture. We won't ask your teams to move to a foreign environment. We will give them the modern common-sense tools, techniques, and methods for growth and improvement.

Transformative Services

Three Beacons consulting services typically include:

  • Detailed analysis of your current software production methods
  • Identification of gaps and productivity opportunities
  • Transformation roadmap - tailored specifically to your environment
  • Agile methods in-house training
  • Guiding the Software and/or Product Management teams in transformation to agile
  • Client-specific requests

Some post-transformation benefits include:

  • Predictability of working software deliveries every month
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Positive impact to ROI
  • Higher levels of collaboration
  • Ability to handle changing requirements and priorities
  • Improved team morale
  • Built-in feedback loops for process improvement
  • Open, trusting environment