Agile Methods Beyond Scrum!

April 16, 2012

With Scrum being the most popular agile method, often times you do not hear much about the other agile methods. The most mature agile teams use Scrum as their project management framework, but frankly Scrum says very little about the engineering discipline required to deliver high-quality products. So, what can you do? My advice is to look into the other agile methods. Extreme Programming gives 13 practices that can re-energize a team and help guarantee high-quality software. Many agile teams are a Scrum/XP hybrid.

But don’t stop with XP. Look into Lean’s 19 practices focused around evaluating your current development process and eliminating waste. Kanban is a great queuing system for maintenance efforts, and is even considered (by some) to be the ultimate evolution of Scrum! Feature Driven Development (FDD) gives some excellent practical advice if your organization typically works on features. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) has 5 fundamental practices and emphasizes heavy prototyping. Adaptive Software Development (ASD) talks about speculating, collaborating, and most importantly adapting to your learnings. Crystal has template definitions based on project size and risk, recommending the barely sufficient approach to process and artifacts.

Check out our free download Agile Methods Beyond Scrum! Checklist on the Whitepaper page. You can use this to get some ideas on how to make your team even more agile.

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