March 6, 2009

On Wednesday March 4, I delivered a webinar on the topic “Dual-Shore Agile Software Development – Is It Effective?” The webinar had good attendance and generated some good follow-up questions.

To begin, I stepped through the business case for dual-shore offshoring. Hard data evidence shows you can save up to 20 – 40% in development costs by utilizing an efficient offshore strategy. Then, I introduced Agile Methods and the business case showing a 30 – 40% savings and substantial boost in productivity. Please refer to the Three Beacons white paper “The Business Case for Agile” for the proof.

Then, I posed the question “can these two approaches work together effectively?” Before I answered, I stepped through the challenges associated with Dual-Shore Agile across the following 3 areas: people, information sharing / communication, and project organization. Then I presented the current “best practices” as a form of solution for the challenges. For the “best practices”, I organized the data into preparing for the project, executing the project, and ending the project.

I concluded the webinar presentation by showing some early data that shows there is an additional 10 – 15% bump in savings and productivity when combining Dual-Shore with Agile. In these tough economic times, teams should seriously consider aligning with Dual-Shore and Agile experts.

Three Beacons now has a white paper “Dual-Shore Agile Outsourcing – Challenges and Best Practices” covering all of my research findings. Give it a read!

Comments? Feel Free! Contact me and let me know what you think.

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