March 6, 2009

The Gartner Mobile & Wireless Summit 2009 conference was held February 23 – 25 in Chicago. I attended and went to most of the Mobile Applications tracks. The highlights of the conference for me were:

  • Dr. Andrew Lippman, head of the MIT Media Lab delivered a keynote session. He described “context” and “identity” as core to any communication. There will be a middleware layer above IP and below apps where context and identity are managed. Eventually, there will be one repository of identity that each app references, as opposed to today’s world of each app having the person’s identity. He said that intelligent mobile agents will be used to transmit identity changes to the different apps. Intelligent mobile agents were a hot research topic in the 90s but never really found a good application use. It now appears that Context-Aware Computing is the application that needs this technology.
  • 1-on-1 session with the head of the Gartner Research division Michael King. He gaves lots of good practical advice for developing mobile applications and the market possibilities.

Gartner also reminded us that history shows that immediately after a recession, a technology boom follows.

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