"I believe I can do this - thanks to you!"

- Project Lead, Kaiser Permanente

"Mike is excellent. Good listener and presenter. Very informative but retainable. I understand, can relate well, and I can apply it."

- Project Lead, Kaiser Permanente

"Great class - exercises were great. Very illustrative of concepts and fun. It exceeded my expectations."

- Deb Kennedy, Project Lead, Kaiser Permanente

"I enjoyed the class. I certainly see major advantages of Agile over the traditional waterfall."

- Sam Abbott, Project Lead, Kaiser Permanente

"Excellent presentation. It's one thing to read a book on Agile and entirely different to experience through classroom training."

- IT engineer, Kaiser Permanente

"Mike is an excellent instructor and the course is very interactive and informative. Thank you!"

- Project lead, Kaiser Permanente

"Very interactive. Scrumilicious!"

- Todd Crosslin, Project Manager, PDX

"The message was very clear, which described how the group should practice Scrum. The session was positive and provides a detailed outline of the practice."

- Director of QA, PDX

"Excellent discussions. I was hesitant to move towards Scrum, but now more comfortable and excited."

- Director of Development, PDX

"Well organized and Mike presented all info in a clear and concise manner. I learned a lot!"

- Jill Burton, Manager BA/Designer/SME Group, PDX

"I had the privilege of attending one of the Agile Trainings Mike conducted. This training had an excellent theoretical foundation with concrete practicality. Mike has years of experience in Agile methodologies, and it reflects in this training."

- Rohit Ghatol, Project Manager, Synerzip Softech

"Before Mike came into our organization, the company had an ad-hoc style of software development that missed deadlines and produced products with poor quality. The following year we released several new products with greatly improved quality and in which we met the prescribed schedule, allowing for a 3+ month beta program before our annual product launch."

- Team Lead

"Mike Hall is a champion of Agile Methods. He successfully introduced Agile Methods across distributed teams in Richardson, Korea and India. He successfully trained teams and helped introduce OO methodologies, use cases approach, unified process, and new ways of building software to Samsung America, our offshore development team in India, and Samsung headquarters."

- Bala Gattu, Team Lead, Samsung Telecommunications America

"Mike is easy to work with and strives to develop those around him. He took the initiative to teach me everything I know about Agile software development methods and the Scrum process, which was necessary knowledge for effectiveness and productivity in my own job."

- Russell Bohannon, Product Manager

"Mike introduced the team at Nortel to Object Oriented Analysis and Design. In addition to OO instruction, we benefited from Mike's skill as a team builder. We hit our deadlines and delivered a product we were proud of, which one customer reported was 1 to 2 years ahead of the competition."

- Gary Parks, Senior Software Engineer, Nortel Networks

"He tailored our software development process to meet the unique needs of our projects by adopting aspects from XP, Scrum, Lean Development, FDD, Crystal Clear etc. Mike was not only able to improve the productivity of the team, he was also instrumental in significantly raising the overall quality of our software by investing in different COTS tools and having them integrated into our software development process."

- Kong Posh Bhat, Senior Staff Engineer, Wireless Standards, Samsung

"I strongly recommend Mike's training and mentorship to any team looking to introduce Agile Methodologies or taking it to next level."

- Senior Engineer, Samsung Telecommunications America

"His knowledge and acumen of Agile methodologies and Quality Software Processes was outstanding and very impressive."

- Tim Ramsey, User Interface Team Lead

"He can draw the best out of any team. He is well respected by his peers, and he is adored by people who have had the opportunity to work for him."

- Kong Posh Bhat, Senior Staff Engineer, Wireless Standards, Samsung

"As Scrum Master, he championed the agile development methodology throughout the company, while successfully leading the engineering department."

- Glenn McLemee, Product Manager

"One of Mike’s core beliefs is in teaching people to figure out what they can do – not what they can’t!"

- Technical Team Lead

"Mike helped us to create a simple and very effective process. We are having a great success with it."

- Senior Engineer, Samsung Telecommunications America

"He was involved in offshoring even before the word had been coined! Our team had a very fruitful and productive relationship with an Indian software company based in Bangalore, thanks in no small measure to Mike."

- Staff Engineer, Samsung Telecommunications America

"He is also a wonderful teacher and mentor - those under Mike's organization benefited from his wisdom and tutelage."

- Tim Ramsey, User Interface Team Lead

"Mike is a champion of lightweight processes that produce high quality products on time and on budget."

- Bill Butler, Firmware Lead

"Let me put it this way: Mike followed Agile practices before Agile was cool."

- Kong Posh Bhat, Senior Staff Engineer, Wireless Standards, Samsung

"Mike came to our organization which was run in a very ad-hoc, "fly by the seat of your pants" fashion. He brought lightweight methods and order to it."

- Team Lead

"Mike was a mentor and coach to many of us."

- Product Manager

"Agile Methods immediately had a tremendous impact on the productivity of our team and every six to eight weeks we were able to demonstrate meaningful progress on our projects. Our customers (i.e. our sponsoring team at HQ, in Seoul) were absolutely amazed at how productive our team became as a result of adopting Agile practices."

- Senior Staff Engineer, Samsung Telecommunications America